Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Lake Minnetonka

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Lake Minnetonka

Are you moving to Lake Minnetonka soon but wondering what there is to do in this lakefront community? Whether you want to know more about the various Lake Minnetonka neighborhoods or the real cost of living, this guide can help. Read on to find out everything you need to know about living in Lake Minnetonka.

1. Things About Lake Minnetonka You Might Not Know

When moving to Lake Minnetonka, you need to know what the weather is like, or what kind of education your kids can expect to have.


As a city in a midwestern state, you can expect to find four distinct seasons. The summers are often warm and humid, with temperatures rising to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. During three months in winter, the temperatures can dip to the low teens, with an average snowfall of 53 inches. Despite the cold weather, the rest of the year is generally mild and pleasant, giving opportunities for locals to engage in many outdoor activities.


If you have a family or are planning on starting one, you can be assured that the education system in Lake Minnetonka is excellent. Many residents send their kids to top-rated public schools with a reputation for high academic achievement. Minnetonka Senior and Hopkins Senior high schools have both received a College Success Award for doing a fantastic job preparing their students for college. You can be assured that your students will be well-prepared for college and beyond.

2. Cost of Living in Lake Minnetonka

One thing many people love about Lake Minnetonka is that the cost of living is not extremely high. Costs for utilities, transportation, and groceries are typically in line with what the rest of the country is paying. Whether you are moving to Lake Minnetonka from another Minnesota city or across the country, you can expect similar costs for daily expenditures.

However, housing is driving the cost of living up to approximately 17% above the national average. The median price for all types of homes in Minnetonka is $457,150, though there are many properties priced above one million dollars.

3. What is There to Do in Lake Minnetonka?

Located along the eastern coast of Minnesota, the Lake Minnetonka area consists of a tranquil lake that spans over 14,000 acres. Surrounding Lake Minnetonka are pockets of highly-amenitized neighborhoods and acres of beautiful nature preserves. Besides the many boating, fishing, and hiking opportunities, Lake Minnetonka offers a fantastic blend of outdoor life with enriching cultural experiences. Keep reading to discover some of the best things to do in Lake Minnetonka.

Golf at the Lafayette Club

Brimming with history, the Lafayette Club is a rare century old private club located on the shore of Lake Minnetonka. Is a place where members can socialize while forgetting the stresses of daily life. As a central hub for many social activities, there is a resort-style pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, sports courts, dining room, and a 9-hole golf course on Lake Minnetonka. With many options, the entire family can relax, unwind, and socialize with friends at this elite country club.

Refresh and Rejuvenate at Lӓka Spa

If you are seeking a retreat in which you can relax for anywhere from a few to several days, then you need to check out the highly-amenitized Läka Spa. As one of the best retreats in the Lake Minnetonka area, Läka Spa offers a variety of services, such as facials, spa treatments, and massages. You can relax in roomy comfort while enjoying all the amenities you are accustomed to – and more.

Hike the trails

As an outdoor lover’s paradise, Lake Minnetonka offers many opportunities to explore nature. One of the most popular options is Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, which stretches fifteen miles through several neighborhoods. Walk or hike along this trail, and stop to admire the spectacular views of the lake along the way. For more scenic lake views, consider hiking the Lake Minnetonka Loop Trail. This is a one-mile paved trail that goes around Lake Minnetonka. Many locals love to hike, bike, and walk their dogs along this trail.

4. What Do Locals Eat in Lake Minnetonka?

Whether you are seeking a romantic night out with your partner or a casual dinner with family, here are three upscale dining options in Lake Minnetonka.

Bacio Italian Restaurant

is a place with a strong commitment to bringing high-quality, locally-produced food to your table. With inspiration drawn from the Mediterranean and Asia, as well as Italy, Bacio offers everything from uniquely tossed salads to handcrafted pasta. You can opt to dine inside under a beautifully designed concave ceiling surrounded by vibrant paintings. Or, you can enjoy the cuisine under the spacious patio enclosure, where you might be able to get a glimpse of the tranquil lake.

Redstone Grill

Though Redstone Grill offers a more rustic vibe, it is infamous for its signature rotisserie chicken and perfectly tenderized steaks. There are also many other options on the chef-curated menu, from homemade soups and salads to creative appetizers. It is the perfect place to dine with friends, family, and business colleagues while enjoying mouthwatering cuisine.

Jimmy’s Kitchen & Bar

As a family-owned business, Jimmy’s is popular amongst locals for its delectable Angus beef steaks, homemade burgers, and fresh seafood. While enjoying the delicious cuisine, you can choose to dine in the vibrant and beautiful dining room or in the bar/lounge area. With an extensive selection of wine and Happy Hour offered seven days a week, Jimmy’s offers a warm and cozy place to relax with friends and family.

5. Lake Minnetonka’s Transportation Options

With a walkability score of 21, a bike score of 37, and minimal public transportation options available, many people get around by car to run daily errands and commute to work. However, the city does offer the Southwest Light Rail Transit, which transports residents from Lake Minnetonka to cities such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Hopkins.

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